Dynamic Search Ads – cum elimin linkuri?


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Vin cu o intrebare referitoare la CPC
Exista posibilitatatea in GA, pe o campanie de Dinamyc Search Ads, sa elimin anumite linkuri?
Vreau sa evit CPC pe produsele care nu exista pe stoc si nu stiu cum sa le elimin din campania asta DSA.


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  1. With Dynamic Search Ads, you control the dynamic ad targets, ad templates, bids, and your budget. You can use negative keywords just like with traditional campaigns to avoid showing your ads on searches that don’t convert into sales. For example, you might use free shipping as a negative keyword if you don’t offer free shipping on customer purchases. And you can prevent advertising when specific words or phrases appear on the page, like temporarily out of stock or sold out, when you add dynamic ad target exclusions to block pages containing these words. Learn how to block pages with dynamic ad target exclusions.

  2. Mersi frumos Liviu.
    Se pot pune atat cuvinte cheie negative clasice cat si cuvinte cheie negative pe continut.
    De ex poti pune ca daca in pagina se afla cuvintele Lipsa Stoc sa nu ia acea pagina in calcul.
    Intrebarea ramane cat de des indexeaza ei paginile pt GA, ca daca de exemplu ti se schimba stocurile des, cat de repede reintra o pagina in marketing.
    Ca de obicei, pe ecompedia gasesti mereu raspunsul 🙂


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