Stie cineva daca si unde sunt definiti in mod legal termenii de uz casnic si uz comercial?

In afara am gasit urmatoarele definitii:
Normal household use is defined as common daily activities in the home, excluding pets.
The product is used for general household use only, where household use means use of the product on the same lot as your home. Use at more than one location is considered commercial use and no warranty applies for commercial use.

"Household Use" means the use of water for ordinary domestic activities customarily incidental to that use including culinary, sanitary and laundry purposes.
"Commercial use" is defined as being in an environment where a product typically sees 8 or more hours of use in a given day. All dues-paying facilities are considered to be “commercial use” facilities as well as many non-dues-paying facilities.
“Light commercial use” is defined as being a non-dues-paying facility such as a hotel, school, or corporate fitness center where a product typically sees 6 or more hours of use in a given day.
"Home use" is defined as being in a person's home or residence.

Light commercial use is defined as use in business offices or non-food service stores and thus excludes any other commercial or industrial use from coverage.

2. Daca nu sunt definiti, putem defini noi acesti termeni in certificatele de garantie?

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