How Universal Analytics will Drive Strategic Marketing

How Universal Analytics will Drive Strategic Marketing

Mai jos veti citi un articol foarte bine scris de Justin Cutroni despre o posibila integrare a Universal Analytics intr-un business offline, un resort de schi. Justin ne descrie cum pe langa masuratorile clasice din online putem integra date din offline, cum ar fi numarul de skipass-uri valide inregistrate la urcarea in telesch, caderile de zapada (depuneri noi, in centimetri/zi), bonurile fiscale din restaurantul resortului, si astfel putem avea o imagine mult mai completa si mai corecta a business-ului nostru si sa facem corelari intre date. 


Pentru ca sunt de impact, am sa adaug aici cateva din concluziile pe care un owner de resort de schi le poate avea dupa o asemenea implementare, extrase fara traducere din articolul lui Justin. Voi v-ati gandit la integrari offline + online cu ajutorul Universal Analytics?

Question: Do customers spend a lot of time on a certain type of terrain?
Action: If they do then perhaps I can offer them a more appealing ski package. For example, if I notice someone skiing on the Extreme section of the mountain perhaps I offer them a discounted lesson with one of our extreme skiers.

Question: Do customers spend a lot of time in the cafeteria?
Action: Could I offer this customer a better food-service package? Perhaps some type of discount? I could segment based on those that buy family passes and look for more insights. Perhaps I find that people like Justin, who buy a family pass, don’t spend much money in the cafeteria (primarily because Justin is cheap!). Maybe I create an ‘Hot Chocolate Treat’ package to incentivise Justin to get hot chocolate for his kids.

Question: Do customers buy a lot of equipment in the rental shop?
Answer: For those that do, perhaps we can offer them a yearly gear-rental package to help save them money. Or at least add some coupons for use in the store.

Question: Are skiers getting a good value for their investment?
Answer: We can use the data from the pass-scanners to better answer this question. Just segment based on the various customer typess (individual, family, unlimited, weekends only, etc) and view actual number of runs completed. This could be awesome marketing information and help the resort taylor their marketing to each individual customer, giving the right customer the right ticket offer.

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